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EDgun Leshiy Challenge Coin (Series 1)

The limited edition EDgun Leshiy Challenge Coin was born out of my love for EDC and the namesake of this channel… EDgun Leshiy, the most kick ass airgun of all time! The coins will be released by metal type, and each design will be limited to 20 per metal (Copper, Ti, Brass, and potentially 1 more). Each coin will be individually numbered (ex: 1 of 20, 2 of 20, etc). The release of other metals is TBD. I’ve partnered with a small talented maker out of New Jersey, Umburry to produce these coins.

The first release will be Copper, 1.5" in diameter, which as stated above will be limited to 20. 
The Laser engraving is just the beginning. Each coin goes through a forced patina acid bath, sand, and brush… resulting in a unique coin each time. You can watch the process from design to finished product below.

maker video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIDFWrhgn5w

If you’re a Leshiy owner, or just a fan of the channel and EDC, this badass coin has a place in your pocket, hand, or on your desk.

Challenge coins have a deep history in the military, and the first modern appearance dates back to WWI. Here’s a great (unverified) story behind them…

In World War I, American volunteers from around the country joined flying squadrons in what would be the early basis of the Air Force. Many of these volunteers were well-to-do students from prestigious colleges who decided to leave school and join the military.
Legend has it that in one such squadron, a wealthy lieutenant made solid bronze medallions with the squadron emblem and gave them to each member of his crew. He kept one medallion for himself, which he wore in a leather pouch around his neck.

After some time, the lieutenant’s aircraft was damaged during a mission in Germany, forcing him to land behind enemy lines. He was captured by a German patrol, who took all his personal belongings, apart from the pouch around his neck.

The lieutenant was imprisoned in France, until he managed to escape and sneak back across the front line to Allied territory. However, French soldiers on the front lines didn’t recognize his American accent and, due to his lack of identification, assumed him to be a German spy.

In a final attempt to save himself from the firing squads, the lieutenant showed the medallion he was still wearing to the French soldiers, who recognized the squadron emblem. This gave the lieutenant enough time to prove his identity, and he was finally returned to his squadron.

The lieutenant then made it a tradition to ensure that all squadron members had a special coin on hand for similar situations. And thus, a military coin tradition was born!
EDgun Leshiy Challenge Coin (Series 1)



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