Demolition FAK


Introducing the Demolition IFAK - the perfect EDC (Everyday Carry) kit that can fit inside any bag, pouch, or pocket. This compact and lightweight kit is designed to provide you with the essential medical supplies you need to manage trauma on-the-go.

The Demolition IFAK includes vital medical supplies, including a Halo Chest Seal (2pk), CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet, 4" Flat ETD (Emergency Trauma Dressing), Compressed Gauze, a pair of gloves, and Flat Duct Tape. These items are crucial for controlling bleeding and protecting wounds until professional medical help arrives.

The Halo Chest Seal is a must-have item for any first aid kit, as it creates a tight seal around chest injuries to prevent air from entering the chest cavity. The CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet is a reliable device for stopping bleeding in emergency situations. The 4" Flat ETD and Compressed Gauze are designed to help you control bleeding and protect wounds, while the gloves protect yourself from potentially infectious bodily fluids.

The Demolition IFAK also includes Flat Duct Tape, which is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to secure dressings, immobilize injured limbs, or secure improvised splints.


  • Halo Chest Seal (2pk)
  • CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet
  • 4" Flat ETD
  • Compressed Gauze
  • Gloves, Pair
  • Flat Duct Tape
Demolition FAK